Collaborations, partners and clients

Mornington Crescent works with various businesses, organisations and groups to bring the fun and deliciousness of British food culture to people in Japan.

Bramley Apple Fan Club Japan


Tokutaro Bakery






Hunter Boots


Lipton Tea School Japan


St. Cousair Winery


Campion Ale


Happy Cooking


Sakura Manor House


Royal Horticultural Society Japan


Momo Yamaguchi


Cha Tea School


Yumi Koseki


RSVP Butlers


Chibakeiran free range eggs


Crumpet Cafe Shigakoen


Sun Farm Yoshida




Nordic Celtic Music Festival


Berry Bros. & Rudd


Swan & Lion


British Embassy Tokyo




SAA Studio


Mornington Crescent in the press

Mornington Crescent loves to talk about the history of British foods and the baked goods we provide to newspapers, magazines and other media to help share the excitement!


(Gretel no Kamado)


Japan Times


Japan Today




The Telegraph


The British Business Awards


Kocka Magazine


Tokyo Delicious Sweets from Around the World


RSVP Magazine

More about Stacey and Mornington Crescent

Growing up in England with two Bramley apple trees and a cherry tree in the garden, Stacey has fond memories of making and decorating home-baked pies with Mum using each year’s harvest in the Autumn, and of the apple blossoms falling to the ground each spring. When she first saw images of Japanese ‘hanami’ as a young child, she felt that this distant country had something in common with her own.


Since that initial spark her interest grew and 15 years ago she realised her long-held dream of coming to live in Japan. During this time she studied to level 1 Japanese, took up classical and Irish traditional violin and continued to bake enthusiastically for friends and colleagues while working at her office day job – making everything from sticky toffee pudding and scones to sourdough bread and fine sugarcraft.


In 2011 Stacey made the decision to turn what she loves into her career and began the process of creating her own business with the aim of bringing the best of authentic British home baking to people in Japan. Carefully planning at each stage, perfecting recipes with locally available ingredients and researching into the histories of the various dishes – discovering amazing facts in the process!


She is excited to share with you the serious fun to be had in learning how to make authentic British treats for your loved ones, the fascinating stories and long histories behind food culture, current UK baking trends, and of course lots of the delicious and unique baked goods themselves.



About the name

The name Mornington Crescent, aside from sounding very British, is of course, the name of a Tube station and neighbourhood in London. However, the reason it was chosen is probably because Mornington Crescent is also the name of a very silly game on Stacey’s favourite radio channel, BBC Radio 4.


 ‘Crescent’ roads in the UK tend to be quiet, U-shaped roads with relatively few cars. One can imagine that the neighbourhood might be quite closely-knit, a warm and friendly community. We want to create just such a friendly atmosphere, like a little piece of the UK in Japan. We named the company with these thoughts in mind.


Click the link below for access to a high-quality copy of the Mornington Crescent logo and some free-to-use photos for publications or websites.